Peter Cichor

Senior Software Developer

Application Architect

Hobbyist Game Developer

Enterprise Software

Senior Software Developer


01.2017 ⇒ Today

Developing Enterprise Systems and Line of Business applications.

C#, MSSQL-TSQL, .NET, WinForms, WPF, HTML, SpecFlow, NHibernate, Moq, NUnit, Git, Jira

Solution Architect


02.2016 ⇒ 11.2016

Contributed to enterprise system architecture, WMS integration (Mantis-WMS), CRM integration (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), ALM integration (NewRelic).

Enterprise architecture patterns, Software architecture patterns, UML, Business Analysis, expert domain knowledge (ERP, WMS, CRM, ALM)

.NET Developer, Technical Expert


09.2013 ⇒ 01.2016

Developed new features for custom ERP system, built new integration solutions, architected and partially developed customer management system for stationary shops.

C#, MSSQL-TSQL, .NET, WebForms, WPF, WindowsService (workflows), WCF, HTML, MSTest, Moq, EntityFramework, TFS

Delphi Programmer


02.2012 ⇒ 03.2012

Developed new features for Libra system.

Delphi 6.0, MSSQL-TSQL

Access Programmer



Developed solution for accounting of transportation services, as replacement for legacy software.


GameDev, Apps, Hobby

Wurm Assistant

10.2012 ⇒ 08.2016

Highly acclaimed utility for Wurm Online.

Note: Requires installed Wurm Online game client to work correctly.

C#, .NET, WinForms, WPF

Source Official Thread

Wurm Api

05.2015 ⇒ 01.2016

.NET library emulating a programming API for some aspects of Wurm Online game client and game servers. Used mainly by Wurm Assistant.

C#, .NET

Source Source (New)

Console Sapper


Once upon a time, me had a very boring day...

C#, .NET

Download and play! (Windows)



(Very) simple space shooter.

C#, Unity3D

Download and play! (Windows)



Game prototype based on popular school game.


Download and play! (Windows)

Crashguard Launcher


Minecraft server launcher with extra support for automated system-crash resilient backups.

C#, .NET

Source and app lost.